12 Ways Ladies can Enjoy the Quarantine

The moment you heard we’re on a lockdown, you probably asked the question “What now?” The thought of being trapped indoors can be quite uncomfortable at first especially those who are used to going out a lot. However, there’s another way to look at the situation; it actually gives you a lot of time to do certain activities that you may have not tried or have taken for granted before. Now, you have a lot of time for yourself and your family. We listed down twelve ways to keep yourself busy and productive during the quarantine period.


Before everything else, we highly encourage that you offer help to those who need it the most. There are many fundraisers out there that seek to help frontliners, medical facilities, and urban poor from other countries. Through electronic banking, you can donate even a small amount to these fundraisers.

Explore Recipes

Time to unleash the inner chef in you! Your family most likely likes to eat a lot while being trapped indoors. Try preparing maybe a delicious meal, or a fun snack, or even as simple as an iced coffee. Preparing food for your family is a gesture of love! You can check out recipes on recipe websites like Allrecipes and Delish.


Who says you can only work-out in the gym? You can stay fit and healthy at home by doing some home exercises! There are work-out apps available in the app store that are very easy to follow. You can do stretching, planks, and even yoga! It just takes discipline for it to take effect!

Watch Movies or TV Series

Thanks to technology, we can finally binge watch on our favorite TV series, or watch old movies. Your favorite english and Asian movies and TV series are available online on Netflix, Iflix, Viu, among others. Bring out your popcorn and enjoy some alone or with your family. You can even try online watch parties so you can enjoy it with your friends too!

Listen to Music or a Podcast

Already outdated of the latest music because you were too busy? Now’s the time to catch-up. Put out your earphones and get a free or paid Spotify account and listen to music or podcasts. Listen to music to relax or keep you pumped up. Your choice!

Read a Book

Do you have a book that you’ve been meaning to read but you just don’t have time for it? Now’s the chance to finish one! This is an opportunity to feed your mind. Whether it be novels, fiction, psychology or even business, there’s always a book you can enjoy even if you’re not a bookworm.

Meet-up With People Virtually

Can you guess what technological platform suddenly gained its success during the lockdown period aside from TikTok? It’s Zoom. Zoom suddenly became one of Apple Store’s top downloads because it was easy to use, according to CNBC. It provided an opportunity for So since we still can’t have a coffee date, might as well catch up with friends via video call!

Play a Game

Make your evening fun and exciting with your family by playing games like charades, card games, and boardgames! How about roleplay, or create a house or castle and play pretend? You’ll surely get a good laugh afterwards after seeing each other getting in the zone!

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Haven’t got time to tidy up your stuff? Take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Organize your stuff. Put your shoes in boxes. Clean your handbags. Sort your clothes according to color. Decorate your house. Rearrange your furniture. Change the curtains. You can even change the color of your walls if you can! Your house will feel very refreshing afterwards, and it will have a different effect on you.

Practice your Makeup Skills

Having a problem perfecting a winged eyeliner? Want to master the art of eyeshadow blending? This is the perfect opportunity to practice those skills! Put out your makeup box and experiment on your makeup. This will come in handy once the lockdown has been lifted because you’ll surely be going to a lot of parties after a long time being stuck indoors!

Play Dress-Up and Strike a Pose

Now that your face is all glammed-up, take it to the next level by dressing up. Turn yourself into a real-life barbie doll by styling yourself with clothes and accessories. If you want to make the most out of it, unleash your inner model by doing a little photoshoot in your house. Find a good background and strike a pose. If you’re alone, you can use a tripod. But if you have someone to take a photo of you, that would be more convenient! You can use a mobile phone or a decent camera. Voila! Now you have a new photo to post on your social media!

Shop Online

Shopping is really comforting, that’s why there’s such a term as “retail therapy”. Although a lot of businesses have closed during the lockdown, luckily, e-commerce businesses are still operational! Prepare clothes for the next season by shopping online. Need groceries? There are apps that offer that service too! Ran out of makeup? A popular online makeup store is always there for you!

Vera May is still operating as normal. E-commerce businesses are not affected by the lockdowns, hence our business can still continue to run. Our website and social media accounts are still open for your orders and inquiries, so feel free to reach out to us anytime you want. So sit-back, relax and stay safe by shopping online.

With regards to shipping out your orders, they are still picked, packed, and sent the same day. Express courier delivery is still available. However, depending on your location, there may be adjustments with regards to the delivery time. Also, delivery of retail orders are still free of charge.  

Rest assured that our products are well sanitized, so you don’t have to worry about getting the virus from our handbags. If you still have any questions or clarifications about our operations during this pandemic, or any other concerns, feel free to hit us up through our website, Facebook, and Instragram.


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