How to Level-up Your Outfit with Wallets

Outfit with Wallets

A woman’s wallet is an essential but often overlooked accessory. Modern girls not only carry around cash, but also credit cards and even small keepsakes like pictures in their wallets. But as practical as they are and with the right choice of type and design, it’s no hard task to level up your outfit with wallets. Check out our four choices of wallets and how to use them to complement your everyday wardrobe!

1. Large Wallets

Outfit with Wallets

Outfit by Ella Pretty Blog

Large wallets with sling on them look like somewhere in between a handbag and a regular wallet. It’s not as bulky as a handbag, and can fit in all your purchasing essentials like cash and cards. Style your plain-colored dress with a large wallet that contrasts with its color for a head-turner look!

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2. Tan Wallets

Tan Wallet

Outfit by Misaki

Autumn has officially started. You surely want to stock up some orange pieces to stay in style. Add life to a bland outfit with a tan-colored wallet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small purse or a large wallet. The color is enough to make an impact on your outfit. It’s a small piece that doesn’t deserve to be hidden in your bag!

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3. Printed Wallets

Printed Wallet

Outfit by Glam Radar

If you need a quick fix to match your outfit, you can definitely count on a printed wallet. Whether it be florals, stripes or whatever design you can think of, a printed wallet is not just a safekeep for your cash and cards. Not only are they fun, they are a statement piece that is guaranteed to get attention and adds a bit of oomph to your outfit.  You’re unique and so is your wallet

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4. Classic Black Wallets

Black Wallet

Outfit by You Rock My Life

If you have a list of fashion must-haves, a black wallet should be on your list. With or without sling, a black wallet is simple yet so sophisticated. You can style almost any outfit with a black wallet! Whether you’re attending a party or just going to the mall, add a black wallet for a classy look. You can never go wrong with this classic style staple!

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