At Vera May we give you genuine leather handbags and wallets that last thanks to the way our leather is sourced. To ensure we produce designs that feel luxurious and last a long time we source all of our leather ethically. It will be hard not to fall in love with every design we have - trust us we have tried not too.Our products are hard wearing and able to be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth and light rubbing. With all genuine leather products we recommend you clean them this way to keep them looking brand new. Our genuine leather handbags and wallets are popular with so many people because of the way they feel. We know that using a good quality genuine leather means the products will last and stay soft. All of our genuine leather products have a 12 month warranty.Our customers and stockists love the genuine leather handbag range because of the affordable pricing and long lasting leather. We also have a durable internal lining and pockets for everything. Every bag we make has been designed to give you quick access, style and durability. We make sure there are multiple ways to wear your Vera May bags by including a long strap where we can easily put on your shoulder so its more comfortable.You always get good quality, style and options with our full range of designs. At Vera May we are proud to be on of the leaders in genuine leather products. We will always be willing to receive feedback and give you product you love.