How To Take Care Of Your Vera May Vegan Leather Handbags

At Vera May we believe that buying quality is an investment for the future. One of our prime values is designing quality limited edition pieces. That’s why we take pride in our bags and we design pieces that last. Although, when our bags are purchased, we can not guarantee the treatment they will receive.
Today on our blog, we want to help our customers to maintain them the best they can.

Cleaning the exterior of your Vera May vegan Leather Bag:

Vegan leather is one of the easiest materials to clean. Here you have some easy tips to maintain them perfectly:

  • Remove dirt immediately with baby wipes: Wipe off any marks as soon as they happen with baby wipes it´s one of the best ways to keep the exterior of your bag impeccable. 
  • Clean dust or dirt with mild soap and warm water: It sounds typical but it actually works really well. For raised textures, use a toothbrush. 
  • Use vinegar mixed with water if the stain is a bit more stubborn. Vinegar is completely safe to use on synthetic leather and it can also rid any odours from the bag.
  • Allow your handbag to air dry completely after any cleaning: Make sure you don’t store it away until it’s 100% dry to avoid any moulding or bacteria growth.

Cleaning the inside of your Vera May vegan Leather bag:

As most of us are on-the-go women, we can all admit that at the end of the day, our bags are full of lipsticks, notepads, receipts, clothes and more!
This is why the inside of our bags can have more than one stain at the end of our busy week. Here you have some ways of prevention to maintain them as clean as you can.

  • Carry your makeup in a cosmetics bag to avoid any stains of foundation or lipsticks (those are the most difficult to remove).
  • Be careful with pens! Always carry them with their caps to prevent ink stains. If that happens, clean them with alcohol, hairspray, or hand sanitizer. 
  • Avoid leaving leftover food inside of your bag!
  • Try to empty the inside of your bag every now and then to remove any rubbish or unnecessary items. This can help a lot and you will make sure that your precious Vera May handbag will last longer.

    Basic tips that can help your bag to prolong their life:
  • Store your bag away from direct sunlight.
  • Most Vera May handbags come with a complimentary care bag that is ideal to store your bag when not in use.
  • Maintain the shape by stuffing the bag with newspaper paper or plastic.
  • Empty the bag while not using it.
  • Don’t overfill your bag.
  • Treat your Vera May bag with respect, don´t leave it on the floor, it’s always better to keep it in a safe place!

We hope all those tips will help you to maintain your vegan leather bags perfectly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we´re here to help you Vera May Lovers!