The Bettie Swimsuit by Pinup Girl Clothing

I love a bit of a nautical theme and what’s better than a nautical themed swimsuit? Red, White and Blue together just adds such a fun feeling to any item of clothing that I’m instantly drawn to it. The Bettie ‘Hello Sailor’ Swimsuit with matching Removable Swim Skirt is one I’ve been meaning to purchase for years and finally got round to it during Pinup Girl Clothing’s Black Friday Sale in November last year.

Pinup Girl Clothing

At first, I was a little unsure about what size to order since my bust (36″) and waist (27″) needed a size Medium but hips (42″) needed a Large according to the size chart. I was worried that sizing up to a Large could mean less support in the bust which is not ideal when wearing a swimsuit. However, after asking some fellow PUG addicts for advice and remembering that I have the Marilyn swimsuitin a size Medium, I went with that. The lycra has lots of stretch to accommodate a few extra inches in the hips.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Now because the swimsuit doesn’t have a zip, you have to pull it up over your hips. I hadn’t quite taken that part into consideration when deciding to size down! It was a VERY tight squeeze, I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to get it on but thankfully there was just enough stretch. The fit is perfect, although because I’m stretching it out that little more, I don’t quite have that loose, draping skirted effect going on like the model pictures on the website.


I would have liked it if there was some padding in the cups – I feel supported enough and know that I won’t be having any accidental nip-slips but cups would have helped the bust more shape and avoided the slight pancake boob effect.

Pinup Girl Clothing

The Removable Swim Skirt in Navy seemed too cute to pass up! It’s perfect for lounging around at the beach or by a pool but be aware that it looks a little less glamorous once you’ve actually swum in it- I’d recommend removing it before swimming so you can put it back on later and it doesn’t cling awkwardly to your thighs.


For this, I went with a size small since that is what the size chart said my waist measurement would be. It’s a firm fit but I prefer it that way. Because of my curvy hips, it ends up being very short and hardly even covering derrière, so I would have been grateful for a one or two extra inches. I do love having a cute skirt like this to wear instead of a beach sarong/wrap and it’s great that it’s separate so you can easily wear it with another swimsuit too!


Buying any item of clothing online can be scary enough, let alone swimwear. My advice is to go with brands that you know and buy from regularly, who do plus size so that you know they understand the variety of shapes a woman can come in and to consult the size chart with your measurements.

Full Outfit Details
Shoes- T.U.K
Sunglasses- The Oblong Box Shop
Bangles/Necklace- Etsy
Hat- Scarf Hut (similar here)
Blue Scarf- Vintage
Beach Towel- The Warehouse

Pinup Girl Clothing