Ultimate Guide to Spring 2020 Fashion

A new season has come. Flowers are blooming, and temperatures are rising — spring is finally here! And that means it’s another whole new season of fashion trends to keep up with. While there are already classic spring styles like florals and boho, there are also surprising trends that the runways have forecasted this year, including the “new normal” fashion. So if you’re preparing your wardrobe this season, you definitely should read this ultimate guide to spring 2020 fashion!

Spring Colour Palette

Palette by whattowearhowtodress.com

Spring is always about being bright and colourful with a touch of earth tones. Flower festivals are happening left and right, which inspires this season’s colour palette. Make sure to have these hues on your wardrobe, from your accessories, clothes, and down to your footwear.

Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

  1. New Normal Styling

Photo from TheGuardian

While things are slightly getting better, we can never stay complacent about our health, especially with COVID still around. Health protocols have shifted our lifestyle into the “new normal” way of living, and so does our fashion. That includes matching our facemasks with our outfit, and wearing fashionable protective garments and face shields. Chanel and Burberry sell luxury facemasks priced at least $120USD, while Nopeet is the brand to go for eye shields.

  1. Florals


Floral prints during spring will never be out-of-style. But this perennial trend is getting a fresh makeover with a fun and funky twist, with retro styles taking over the trend. Your 60s couch prints will be a prominent print this season, so make sure you got some of them!

  1. Spring Leather

We know it’s getting warm, but Marni and Alexander McQueen put your leather pieces into the runway,


  1. Boho


Last but not least is another spring staple: the boho chic trend. It’s one of those spring trends that never goes away, so it’s a very nice investment to have them in your wardrobe as you may need them once-in-a-while. Get your flowy maxi dresses and skirts, boho accessories and bags, and achieve the ultimate boho chic girl.

Boho Chic by Vera May



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