Celebrating Father’s Day The ‘New-Normal’ Way

If we’re not on lockdown and it’s safe to go outside, how would you celebrate Father’s Day? Perhaps have dinner in his favourite restaurant, tickets to any ball games, or visit a place he hasn’t gone before. However, this year will be different due to the pandemic. While other states have already lifted their lockdowns, many establishments still can’t operate, it’ll be harder to stick to our typical tradition. Still, our first loves deserve to be celebrated in a big way but in a ‘new normal’ way!

Now you’ve come to the right place because we will be giving you 5 ideas on how you can celebrate Father’s Day during this quarantined time.

1. Serve a healthy meal.

Photo source: San Diego Eater

Start his day with healthy meals like fruits, veggies,  eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), ham, bagel. You can also add in a morning cocktail, just because he deserves the best today! Here are some of the best Father’s Day brunch recipes you can make that every dad will love!

2. Steal his heart with a creative cake and sweets! (Just watch his sugar intake. Kidding! But seriously, though.)

Photo Source: BakingCo

We know most dad’s don’t like sweets, but every occasion deserves a cake! So how will you make your dad like the cake? You bake it yourself! Or look for a baker that offers cute and creative cakes that matches his flavour preference, and has a design that will surely suit his interest. 

If you wanna bake it yourself, here are some of the best Father’s day recipes!

3. Propose a family game night.

Photo Source: 247moms

Family game night is bonding time! 

Convince your family to hide all their gadgets and start to play board games like old times. Just make sure your dad chooses the game.

This is also a great way to improve your critical thinking skills and challenge your brain while having time with your family! Here are some of the best board games to play with on Father’s Day.

4. Organize a drink session with your dad.

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Think about it! It would be the time for dads — serve them their favourite beer and have some cold cuts on the side.

Have a deep conversation with your dad. Asking your dad deep questions shows him that you value his thoughts and ideas. In this way, you can both bond and at the same time, build a strong connection to each other. If you don’t know where to start, here are some questions you can ask your dad.

5. Give him something he can use forever!

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Dad’s don’t usually buy things unless it is really important, but when they do, they make sure that it can last for a very long time. 

Especially for travel bags, so if you wanna give something to your dad, consider giving him a travel bag. Vera May’s Lee Travel Bag and Jeyda Travel Bag will be your go-to gift! Both easy to carry and convenient to use. The perfect companion when they travel. If you give this to your dad, he can think that you’re with him whenever he travels or uses these. 

And there you have it! These are the top 5 ideas you can do to make your Father’s day still a celebration at home while keeping social distancing. But if you cannot spend Father’s day together, consider a few virtual options that you can both enjoy if you’re apart. Either way, the ideas mentioned will make your first love feel appreciated and loved, which is what he needs right now. 

Happy Father’s Day to our awesome dads! Love, Vera May. 🙂