Vera May LUXE


I’m like a magpie when it comes to handbags… give me sparkly, shiny, bright and beautiful all day every day! Luckily, handbags are one of those things that are a little easier to fit into the pinup style, even if they aren’t specifically targeted or promoted as being ‘vintage’, so we have lots to choose from!

The Vera May LUXE Collection is just that- modern handbags that can totally translate to the pinup aesthetic. As a lover of pastels and shiny patent leather, I felt like a kid in a candy store when scrolling through the pages and pages of designs within the LUXE range. I ended up picking out two different pink bags (no surprises there!) and a mint green.


Sadria is a coral pink, 1960s style purse with gold trimmings. – AUD$120.95 (exl. GST)

Each of the purses I chose are faux patent leather and have pretty silver or gold trimmings with small crystal details on the clasp. Normally I’d shy away from such details after seeing so many cheap and poor quality purses with similar aspects but the ones on these handbags are genuinely gorgeous and not too over the top.

April is a beautiful mint green colour with longer straps and gorgeous rose clasp – AUD$120.95 (exl. GST)

When looking for handbag, there are a few aspects that can either make or break weather I consider it functional or not. Firstly, they have to open up wide enough for easy access. I can’t stand handbags that only open enough for me to slide my hand in and makes it nearly impossible to get anything out. These bags do not have this issue thankfully and open up wide enough to pass my test, the Sadria opening up widest of the three.

The other thing I am always happy about when I open up a handbag, is if the lining is NOT black! It’s so much easier to look for my lipstick or what not if it’s not jet black on the inside. Each of these bags has a light coloured patterned lining which makes it super easy to find everything. There’s also a middle divider and a number of pockets to stash all your valuables.

Sienna is probably my favourite of the three, I adore baby pink! It’s the perfect size and has a large diamante clasp for a bit of extra sass – AUD$120.95 (exl. GST)

Vera May are based in Australia and currently their website is wholesale only so I asked them to provide some names of some stockists. There’s not any stockists currently for the UK and USA but some googling may reveal a website that will ship internationally. For a full list of stockists, pleaseemail- [email protected]
Regallo Gift and Homewares (Woolooware & Kirrawee NSW
Oscar’s of Hahndorf (Hahndorf, SA)
Rumours Boutique (Springwood, QLD)
New Zealand
Vintage Addiction (Auckland)
Notting Hill Interiors
This Is A Bag Shop