5 Trending Styles that your Mum Rocked

Every girl has been offered some form of unrequested fashion advice from their mothers while they were growing up. Did you ever feel obliged to try on that boldly-patterned blouse or those high-waisted pants because your Mum suggested they were a good match?

Our Mums received plenty of crinkled noses and disgusted looks in response to their outfit ideas, but time has shown that we should have trusted their fashion knowledge and bought that jumpsuit!

The 70s, 80s and 90s saw some pretty wild fashion movements, and our Mums were right there through it all. The iconic styles that were born during these eras made such an impact on the fashion world that they’ve come back into our lives today. Check out these current trends and think about how many you’d find in your Mum’s wardrobe as well as your own.


The 70s were home to high-waisted flares, bold patterns, and jumpsuits. Although not all of us are brave enough to strut in ultra-flared jeans, the style has definitely made a total comeback in today’s fashion scene. Who doesn’t love a bit of disco vibes?


Then along came the 80s! Oversized denim jackets, mesh layering and blazers were huge during this era. Anything oversized was considered cool and we can thank our trend-setting Mumma’s for bringing the comfort of extra-large jumpers into our lives.


Crop tops, ripped jeans, and bandanas were staples in the 90s-girl outfit. These elements are just as present in the current trends and are expected to stick around for quite some time. If you’re not already loving them, ask your Mum for tips about how she wore these pieces and bring some old-school gems into your life. Also try pairing your retro outfit with a stylish handbag or trendy clutch. Go through our collection for some style inspo and find the perfect bag to finish your new look. Remember ladies, Mumma knows best!