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The school holidays are here again, and this time, it is the spring season school holidays. It definitely may be running through your mind that you should have good memories this holiday with your children. It actually takes nothing to make the decision to get involved in something in the holiday, but it takes more to know the precise thing to do. Below are fun ways to celebrate the season with your kids:


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  • The spring season holiday has a lot to offer when it comes to festivals and shows. You can go with your kids to some of the festivals designed for kids, such as AWESOME Arts Festival that holds in Perth, AFL Footy Festival that holds in Melbourne, and Camden Festival that holds in Sydney.


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  • This is one of best ways to make your kids neglect their iPads and electronic indoor games. Basically, all that is required of you is to write a list of objects that should be searched for within a stipulated period of time. The first to get all items wins the hunt game.


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This is undoubtedly a good choice when considering a tight budget. Having great amount of visual contact with nature has a positive impacts on the overall well being of all kids, making this once again a good choice when your kids’ health is considered. For more fun, you can also try eating dinner with your kids by the campfire.


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  • Just in case you are not aware, letting your kids grow their own veggies encourages them to try new foods. It also gives them a feeling of ownership if you let them dig holes and plant things themselves. This spring season school holidays might just be the best time to make this happen.


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