Supporting Local Business

We are lucky to live in a country that is able to supply us with so much beauty and product without needing to go overseas. In light of the fires we have been experiencing and to keep our economy strong it is important to support and buy from Australian businesses. Access to these businesses is easy – head to Instagram, Facebook and good old Google to get access in just a few clicks.

With every year that passes there are exciting new opportunities and businesses opening up. The #buyfromthebush was popular at Christmas and was a great way to expose small businesses to a large audience. With the ease of online shopping what is stopping you? No one likes being stuck in the shops anyway, I say make it easy and order online.

Depending on what you need there are lots of businesses who can help. Some of the businesses that support not only themselves but also others are:

These are just some of the businesses that are doing what they love in Australia and are helping our economy. With a variety of styles, colours and choice plus a very fast delivery time you are bound to make the right pick.

Travel on weekends

Other ways you can support local communities and businesses is by taking a holiday. Imagine going down the coast and being able to bring more money back into the communities that need it all while enjoy a little bit of time away from reality.  If you live in NSW, plan your long weekends and enjoy a car ride down the NSW South Coast. Treat yourself and your partner to a quick escape out to the Blue Mountains. Or allow yourself some fun and take friends out for a picnic and get your food from a local cafe. There are many places you can go and take your furry friend as well!

Travelling is a great way to support the locals and make memories, enjoy time away and support communities to help rebuild our country. Without you they can’t survive and it is a beautiful world we live in when we can build each other up.

Make it your mission this year to try and find at least 1 way you can support a local business. As you start looking and building your knowledge you will be able to find so much more available. Each local business you support keeps a family fed and the economy thriving. Something that may help you think about supporting local business – 53% of the workforce are employed by small businesses and more than 95% of these businesses have fewer than 10 employees.

The decisions you make when it comes to shopping is always hard, big supermarket chains are convenient and cheaper but the little grocer on the corner will always have better service, quality and a personal touch.