Your Ultimate Guide To Winter 2020 Fashion

Can you feel it? The winter breeze has us pulling out the winter jackets and is keeping us in our sweaters, or whatever warm clothing you have to wear.  If you’re like us, Winter is the perfect season for fashion.  Every fashionista around Australia is looking forward to showing off their creativity through layering and winter is the perfect opportunity! Unlike other seasons, winter fashion is very pragmatic. It’s not just all about the look but also about the function — to keep ourselves warm.

While some of you may already have a go-to style every winter, we want to share to you the fun of styling for the winter season. Previously, we shared surprising fashion trends this winter season. That’s just the beginning of our winter fashion blog series! And in this one, we’ll guide you through the winter 2020 styles that you should definitely try, so get ready to take some notes!

Winter Colours

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Every year, this colour palette shows up on the runways and the streets. Cool hues, shades of plum, and neutral tones are your safe options when it comes to choosing what colour to wear. But even if these are tried and tested, the true fashionista always knows how to go outside the box. Attendees of fashion week apparently made yellow a winter 2020 fashion trend! So if you want to go fashion-forward, mix in an unconventional colour to your usual winter hues and you’ll definitely make heads turn.

Outerwear Must-Haves

Whether you wanna look fashionable or you just want to keep yourself warm, outerwears are the style staple every winter season. While they may all seem the same sometimes, it can be fun styling them! So worry no more because we’ll demonstrate ways to style your winter outerwear!

1. Jumpers

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Who says jumpers are boring winter items? Again, it’s all a matter of getting creative. Recent runways have put jumpers on the spotlight, so why not take it to the streets and steal some attention! Tuck your jumper in a sleek pencil skirt for a polished look. Or rock the weekends with a coloured jumper paired with jeans for a casual finish. Balance the bulkiness of a jumper with a cute sling bag.

2. Trench Coats

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Trench coats are the ultimate winter staple. Originally menswear, trench coats have evolved over time to become a fashion item that can be styled several ways. Choosing the right trench coat means finding the right length for your arms and back, and has enough space to make way for layering inside. A large bag is a good choice of accessory because it’s proportion to the size of your outerwear.

3. Leather Jackets

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If you want to go for the edgy look, leather jackets are for you. The black one is the easiest to style, and pairing it with jeans already brings out a strong look. But if you want to take it to the next level, go for all-black and you’ll definitely steal the show. If you want to tone down the edginess of the leather jacket, accessorise with a blush-coloured bag.

4. Denim Jackets

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Denim jackets are so versatile, you can wear it up or down. It all depends what you’re gonna style it with. For your laid back days, slip in a casual dress. But if you want to be fashion-forward, go for denim-on-denim. Whatever your choice may be, make your accessory minimal by choosing a small bag or a clutch.

5. Blazers

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Who says blazers are just for the office? You can definitely get creative with your blazers by styling it with unconventional pieces like linen pants, a simple white shirt, or even a bulky skirt — whatever floats your boat! Accessorise it with a belt to emphasize your waist. Lastly, choose a medium-sized bag to offset the bulkiness of a blazer.

The winter season is such a fun season for fashion. Whether you just want to keep yourself warm or you want to look really stylish, layering is something every fashionista looks forward to every winter.

Which winter style do you prefer? Comment down below, or give your own style suggestions! We’d love to hear from you!