How To Organize Your Home Office

Paper all over the desk. Pens that aren’t working anymore. Piles of books and binders. Drawers are full of who-knows-what. Does this sound like your office?

When your office is a mess, it can be difficult to get anything done. The fact is, an unorganized office causes unnecessary stress, distraction, and frustration. But when you organize your home office, you minimize those and increase your ability to focus. Not only that, but you can also find your needs — ALWAYS. 

Here are six easy steps you can do to organize your home office and keep it that way!

#1. Declutter it!

Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

In order for you to have a true office space that doesn’t cause unnecessary stress, distraction, and frustrations, you have to declutter it. Having too much stuff in your office will always look cluttered, no matter how “organized” it is. 

You MUST remove EVERYTHING you don’t need in your area. This should be the first step in organizing your home office.

#2. Sort the items you decided to keep

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Now that you have thrown away all the unnecessary stuff, you have to sort the supplies that you’ve decided to keep by typewriting supplies together, notebooks together, printing supplies together… and so on. And then sort those by how often you use them. 

#3. Store in!

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Next, for the supplies, you seldom use, make a home for those. You can tuck them away on a shelf or in a closet. We recommend doing this because the fewer supplies you have on your desk, the better your ability to focus. Don’t forget to organize those supplies in their new home.

For the supplies that you frequently use, store them near you! Use containers, drawers, baskets and bins.

#4. Create a mail station

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One of the ways to control the paper coming into your home office is to create a mail station. You can recycle boxes and design it according to your style, folders for incoming and outgoing mail, or mail to file. As soon as the mail comes in, place it in the mail station!

#5. Manage your papers

There are 2 ways to manage your papers: Create life binders and a tickler file.

  Photo source: HG TV  &  Calyx Corolla

  • Binders – For easy grab-and-go 
  • Tickler file – Multiple inbox system. Whenever you need anything, you know where it is!

#6. Utilize Wall Space

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This is the step that is often missed out! When organizing your home office, you can also use your wall to hang items like calendars, whiteboards, shelving, and some affirmations that will motivate you to work. 

*Additional tip:

Add some greenery to your desk!  Research shows that by adding a couple of plants to your workspace can help soothe and lower your stress levels. Your physical surroundings can create a great impact in your work mindset.  

And here you go! We hope these steps will help you organize your home office for more comfortable and productive work. Happy working from Vera May! 🙂