Are you a backpack or handbag kinda girl?

Are you a backpack or handbag kinda girl?

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Every person has been blessed with a unique sense of style based on their degrees of comfort and personality; when these two factors come together and blend in harmony, the result is that of a solitary outfit that mirrors the reflection of their inner self. Girls & women, especially have the privilege to accessorize their attires every time they plan an outing; starting from their shoes and jewelry to the bags, it all adds up to furnish them with their distinctive vogue. Furthermore, in the category of bags, handbags and backpacks are the most essential and versatile accessories that every girl and woman must own to make their lives a little easier. If you have been facing trouble to decide whether you are a handbag or backpack kinda person, then here are a few tips for you to successfully decode it. 

The all-rounder backpacks 

For some, the backpack might turn out to be her best friend considering the set of practical uses accompanying it. The bags have been specially designed to carry more items that weigh heavier than the usual as compared to the handbags. Owing to its convenience that finds a way to a girl’s life by literally sharing the “responsibility” equally on both the shoulders, it thereby keeps the hands free and ensures a smart, hassle-free look. The backpacks can serve a wide range of purposes and yet be in style; from school, college to hiking in the rockiest mountains, it simplifies the journey with its easy and integrated storage methods. The detailed chambers that have been fabricated to distinguish the spaces for your belongings that can include anything between the super-expensive electronics, to hairpins to baby essentials making them suitable for people from all age groups. Backpacks are an inevitable part of Australian fashion now; they will enable you to perfectly curate the carefree look of the 90’s. So, if you are someone who tends to forget to keep a track of the things in their bag and loves sporting the casual look most times, then the backpack is your ideal choice. When paired with high-waisted denim and tee-shirt, it adds a sporty and energetic essence to your demeanour.


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The elegant handbags

Coming to the handbags, they are the staple choice for every woman; we cannot really classify it for one definite group of girls. However, now when we are trying to help you evaluate your style quotient, we must begin by saying that carrying a handbag renders a look that is on the positive spectrum of elegance and helps in bringing out a look that is the product of fashion and confidence merged. One can feel more comfortable in carrying a handbag than a backpack depending upon their choice of attires and the number of things being carried at a time. They are lighter in weight and cosier when you have to use them for a short period. Moreover, the range of sizes and styles available for handbags is infinite; from formal to festive, it compliments every look and use. Handbags aren’t the ideal for street fashion looks, but the game-changers of high-fashion. From sling bags for a party to a Birkin bag for Sunday brunch, the handbags have got you all covered. Therefore, if you are someone who likes keeping her stakes high when it comes to making a statement through your breathtaking Australian fashion, go for a handbag to experiment and earn those extra brownie points!


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