Autumn Style Guide

Autumn is just about to end, but that doesn’t mean the trends are going to end too. Autumn colours don’t really go out of style. Whether it be the earth tones, the bright hues, or the deep colours, there is always something about Autumn fashion you can rock on any season. Even if the coronavirus has left us stuck at home, that doesn’t mean our autumn clothes and accessories are put to waste! In fact, if you’re an autumn woman (which we’ll talk about later in this blog), you can nail the style year-round! So to move forward, let’s dig deep on the essentials of autumn fashion, who the autumn woman is, and our personal picks from our catalogue.


 Autumn Fashion

Compared to other seasons, autumn fashion is more diverse. The colour palette contains bright colours, deep hues and earth tones that you can wear in any season. Part of the reason is that it’s a transition season. We shift from summer to winter, so the clothes have to be in that grey area, which is autumn. 

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Autumn clothes and accessories also need to be appropriate with the unpredictable weather. At first, it’s sunny but then it gets cold towards the end of the day. Thus, clothes have to be breathable, yet cozy enough to keep you warm. 

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Accessorizing the autumn look is all about choosing the right colours. More of style staples rather than statement pieces. You want to go for simple and sleek clutches and handbags, as well as neutral-coloured flats and boots. 

The Autumn Woman

Yes, there’s such a thing as an “autumn woman”. According to What To Wear/ How to Dress, the autumn woman has a rich, warm and vivid look. Her hair is dark blonde to redhead, and skin is warm to neutral. With colour analysis, one can identify herself in either of the three subcategories of the autumn woman: soft, warm or deep. But even if you aren’t born with the features of an autumn woman, you can always be one with your fashion. So let’s talk about each of the three autumn women and how to style accordingly.

1. Soft Autumn

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Naturally, the hair of the soft autumn woman is medium brown, mousy brown, or dark golden brown. Their skin is beige, and the eyes are hazel, topaz, brown, and grey to green. The fashion sense of the soft autumn is close to summer, but the colours are muted. Warm colours are preferable. Avoid colour contrast; keep it soft and neutral. The best choice of colours are all the shades of brown, olive, and muted mustard. 

2. Warm Autumn

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The warm autumn woman has warm undertones. The hair is either red, coppery brown or dark golden brown. Skin is a warm beige, ivory, maple, dark coppery beige or golden brown, and eyes are topaz, hazel, golden brown, green gold, olive green or turquoise. The best colours for the autumn woman are golden and rich. It’s like a warm spring, but the tones are richer and darker. Colours include coffee, caramel, and colours with an orange or yellow undertone.

3. Deep Autumn

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The deep autumn woman has a strong and deep look. Her hair is on the darker shades of brown, skin is honey brown, bronze, black, golden olive, warm beige, or ivory, and eyes are hazel, olive, golden brown, or black-brown. Because the colours of the autumn woman are contrasting, the choice of wardrobe works also the same. You can wear vivid colour contrasts in the autumn colour palette. Examples of colours include burgundy, violet, mustard, olive, and black-brown. 


Autumn Love Collection

Our team has carefully curated a collection of bags perfect for the season. Whether you’re a natural-born autumn woman or you just love the fashion of the season, there is a bag in the collection perfect for you. 

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