5 Surprising Fashion Trends this Winter 2020

Winter is definitely here! It’s that time of the year where we take out all our coats, jackets and anything to keep us warm. By default, we also go with a certain colour palette: neutrals, cool colours, and shades of red. Surprisingly, the runways and style experts have spoken — like how 2020 became so unpredictable, so is this year’s fashion. We spotted 5 surprising fashion trends that you definitely should try to stay in style this A/W 2020 (The last one shocked us)!

1. Leather Coats

Let’s start with the understated classics. Vinyl was everywhere all throughout the year, but it was especially prominent in the form of leather coats. Fendi, Ferragamo and Miu Miu showcased the classic black leather coats, but the streets leaned towards the brown ones. Pair it with slim trousers and mini skirts, or tie the waist belt to turn it into a dress.

Outfit from Vogue.com

Jaxs Handbag

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2. Blue + Neutrals

We mentioned neutrals and cool colours are a winter staple, but this year’s mixing of colours is quite surprising: would you imagine matching browns with blues? Well looks like 2020 is the time for that. The way to that is either rock a monochrome ensemble and add a colour pop accessory, or mix and match a top and bottom. ‘

Outfit from Chicisimo

Free Taupe Vegan

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3. Trousers Tucked into Boots

If you are fashion-forward, this is especially fun for you. Add a twist to your outfit by tucking in your trousers into your boots. Quite funky, right? This look sports a combat or cowboy look, so this might not work for the girly-girly. But if you’re the creative type, you’re surely gonna love this!

Outfit from Refinery 29

Bernie Bag

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4. Yellow

Surprise surprise! Yung spring-summer colour is here to stay! Be the sunshine in this cold weather by sporting a yellow look. Whether it be maxi coats or a monochromatic ensemble, wearing yellow this season is trendy. It’s a very vibrant colour, so you’ll surely make heads turn, but know that the runways back you up!

Outfit from Sassy Daily

US Polo Handbag

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5. Tiger Prints

Every year, there’s always an animal print that becomes trendy, and 2020 is the year for tiger prints. We especially spotted these in street fashion during fashion week. The easiest way to rock this look is by pairing a tiger print piece with black, but don’t be afraid to go for print-on-print!

Outfit from The Trend Spotter

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