What to Wear On Your First Trip After The Lockdown

Was your trip cancelled or got moved due to lockdown? Don’t worry, same here! A lot of people also experienced the same thing and it might take a while before it’ll be lifted. So while we’re daydreaming about the place where we should be right now, let’s plan it ahead including our OOTD during the trip!

Airport Approved Outfits

An authentic fashionista is one who can dress up anytime, anywhere, so we’ll start on our first destination — the airport. Here are some of the approved airport outfits that you can wear:

  1. Comfort before style


    Make sure you are comfortable in your outfit because you will wear them for a long time. Cotton shirts and comfy pants can be your go-to and check if you can move freely so you can carry your bags and you’ll still look and feel good walking around the airport.

  2. Airport temperatures


    Some airports and aeroplanes can be really cool and your destination can be sunny, so your outfit should adapt to these places. Ideal pieces would be scarves/shawls, cardigans, zip-up jackets and sweaters because these are comfortable, will keep you warm, and are easy to wear and remove.

  3. Carry On


    Aside from our check-in baggage, we’ll have another bag for our basic needs at the airport such as boarding pass, passport, wallet with our valid ID’s, extra cash and our vanity kit. Make sure that it is big enough to carry all these but small enough so you can move freely. Sling bags and handbags are ideal.

Travel Wardrobe Essentials

Now that you have landed, it is important to consider the comfort that your clothes will give you. Here are some ideas while you’re enjoying your trip without any inconvenience.

  1. Flats / Sneakers 

    Flats and sneakers are both versatile and comfortable to wear. They would go well with different outfits and you can wear them until the wee hours!

  2. Neutral Tees


    Basic tees are versatile enough to both layered up and worn alone. The perfect tee doesn’t stretch out easily and can be an oversized or slightly fitted shape.

  3. Little Black Dress


    The simpler, the better! The little black dress is often coined as a wardrobe essential because this serves as your foundation when you layer with outerwear and accessories.

  4. Oversized Wrap


    Keep yourself warm and fuzzy with oversized wraps! Find one that is made in soft material to keep yourself cosy during your trip.

  5. Tote


    Bring something chic and handy for your trip! And as for your souvenirs and other vacay essentials, add a tote bag!

  6. Clutch


    For the last touch, after finding the perfect travel tote bag, all you need is something that’s easier and comfortable to bring when you go out on your trip and that’s versatile to match all your outfits!

When packing for a trip, always remember that simplicity is the key and before preparing for these OOTD, make sure that your suitcase is ready enough for these essential items.

Happy and safe travels from Vera May! 🙂

Source: Stylist in Pocket